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Organic black tea, with great flavor of plum and cinnamon.

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Description / Best friends

The best friends in this case are plums and cinnamon, a perhaps untipped combination that goes well with coffee. Maybe with some sweet snack.
These friends are not so odd after all; when you make a fruit compote, it is not at all uncommon for a cinnamon stick to boil with it. Maybe a little reminiscent of cherries.
Does not get so bitter even if you forget it for a few extra minutes.

More Information

Organic Yes
Base tea organic Yes
SKU 4723
Ingredients Black tea*, cinnamon* and natural aroma. *From controlled organic production.
Dose 2-3 grams (about 1½ tsp) / 2 dl
Water temperature 95-100 grader
Steeping time 4 - 5 min

Customer Reviews

Our favorite
Review by Petter
This is our evening tea, we and the kids really like this tea, nice balance between flavor intensity, sweetness and bitterness.
It does not matter much if you happen to forget the tea a little too long (more the rule than the exception with us...).
Tastes like alcohol-extracted cinnamon
Review by I. Langemar
The idea is good but the implementation is a failure. The cinnamon flavor could be added in one or more ways. Judging by the taste, I think most of the cinnamon flavor comes from alcohol-extracted cinnamon (such as Khoisan cinnamon extract, which can be purchased in grocery stores) that has been mixed with the tea, whereby the alcohol is removed. Anyone expecting the taste of a cooked cinnamon stick from porridge or cream will be disappointed, as different cinnamon aromas dissolve in water and saliva compared to alcohol. The aromas that are now included unfortunately hide a lot of the plum aromas. Perhaps this tea, purchased in January 2018, can be saved if I crumble the whole cinnamon stick. Will not buy this again.
Te-Centralen responds: It was unfortunate that you do not like the tea. It is true that the flavor is alcohol-based, which is the predominant method of flavoring tea. Water-based flavorings are not normally used because the moisture that remains will spoil the tea. There are also other methods (granules, etc.), which have their advantages and disadvantages, such as the risk of separation or the need for additional additives.
Best friend!
Review by Jan Olsson
A reliably robust tea that works in all situations.
A tea for coffee
Review by Peder
Apple and cinnamon is a classic combination, but replacing apple with plum was a brilliant move! This is a tea that I will make sure to have at home, when you pick out some cozy coffee with buns, sponge cake or whatever you want, this is the given drink to serve.

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