The tea pot - serving tea with style

A teapot is the ultimate symbol of tea and tea drinking. A good teapot enhances the experience, and makes it much more enjoyable.. There are different teapotst hat fit in different contexts. The first thing to think about is how many people are drinking tea, i.e. how much the teapot should hold. Material and design is personal. A glass teapot can be beautiful to look at, and you can also see the tea. Borosilicate glass teapots are also very light, which is good for your wrists. In Northeast Asia, small teapots are often used when brewing. It may look weird, but then you have to remember that they are steeping several rounds from the same tea leaves. Often the tea is only allowed to steep for 30-50 seconds before serving. After a while, you pour in another round of water, and repeat as long as the leaves give flavor. Some teapost comes with a strainer, which makes it easier to brew the tea.

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Cast iron teapot Tetsu New
SEK 659.00
Cast iron tepot Muji New
SEK 1,995.00
Handle for teapot
SEK 59.00
Klassisk japansk kyusu för att brygga grönt te
SEK 499.00
En knapptryckning, och ditt te är klart
SEK 349.00
Teapot Gold Maple
SEK 399.00
Teapot Pisa
SEK 999.00
Teapot Pretty
SEK 459.00
Tekanna Glas Miko 2.0 S
SEK 979.00
Tekanna Glas, Miko 1.2 S
SEK 879.00
Tekanna Illos
SEK 1,449.00
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