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Tea bags to fill yourself
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Permanent filter for the perfect cuppa
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Läckert matcha, som vi importerar direkt från Uji, utanför Kyoto.
Fin liten teburk med dubbla lock för tät förslutning.
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Syltad ingefära är starkt och gott.
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Gyokuro Superior - finaste japanska teet

Tea and only tea...


You can visit Swedens oldest online tea shop too - we have physical shop as well.

Bambuvisp, skål för matcha och en burk matcha Bambuvisp, skål för matcha och en burk matcha


Here is what you need to make matcha at home. 

Gaiwan är bara ett av alla tillbehör hos Te-Centralen Gaiwan är bara ett av alla tillbehör hos Te-Centralen


At least some tea ware must be in oder to enjoy your tea. Tea pots, gaiwan och chasen, you find it all here!

Presentkort hos Te-Centralen Presentkort hos Te-Centralen


Who wouldn't be happy for a gift card? Decide when it should be sent to the receiver, and have it delivered with email.

Tea for any occation
At Te-Centralen we only deal with tea. Whether you are a die-hard tea drinker, drink tea occasionally, organize Afternoon tea at a hotel, or are a curious beginner in the world of tea, we have tea that should suit you.

Why drink tea?
Tea is so amazingly good, and fits in almost every context. Just as it is, to food or snack, everyday breakfast or afternoon tea. Tea also has a long history as a natural remedy. 

What exactly is tea?
Tea is simply the dried leaves of the tea plant, camellia sinensis. You can, of course, make good and healthy "tea" also from blackcurrant leaves or spruce shoots, but that is actually a teazine or herbal tea. "Real" tea thus comes from the tea plant, and there are many different types of tea depending on how the leaves are handled after harvest.

Which tea is the healthiest?
We often get asked that question, and of course it depends somewhat on what you mean by healthy. There is research that shows that green tea, which is bursting with antioxidants, has a blood pressure-lowering effect. But regardless of how useful it is, of course it won't help if it stays in the kitchen cupboard. So we think it's better if you take a fairly healthy tea that you enjoy and actually drink, than a "super healthy" tea that just sits on the shelf.

Ok, I want to drink tea - where do I start?
The easiest way is to try your hand at a few different varieties. Here you will find our TeaScovery, sampler boxes with several different types of tea on a theme. It suits you who want to try a few different varieties, or perhaps give as a gift.