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Chun Mee Best Choice

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A simple but delicious everyday green tea.

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Art.Nr.#: 4648

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Description / Chun Mee Best Choice

A simple but delicious green tea. The leaves are twisted, hence the name which roughly means "precious eyebrows". Robust flavor with a good price point, allowing you to drink pure green tea every day. Also, keep in mind that you can use the tea leaves for multiple brews.
An easy way to serve is simply to pour hot water over the leaves in a drinking glass. As you drink the tea, add more water.

More Information

Organic Yes
Base tea organic Yes
SKU 4648
Ingredients Green tea from controlled organic farms.
Dose 3-4 grams(about 2 tsp) / 2 dl
Water temperature 80-85 °C
Steeping time 1-2 minutes
Origin China
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Customer Reviews

Favorite everyday tea
Review by Eliot
Good, simple, everyday tea! Can be brewed several times (3-5 times) and retains the flavor better than gunpowder over several brews.
Good tea
Review by Masoomeh
It tastes as I expected, not so mild not so strong. I also received a sample bag of Temple of Dragon with my order. In comparison, Temple of Dragon is milder in flavor than this.
Review by Joakim
An affordable organic tea.
For myself, I want to make it a little longer and got a little more depth in the flavor and a little more fullness.

5 grams to 3dl and drew just under 2 minutes, has 85 degrees on the water works best with my water and taste.

Review by Gabriel
Once I start drinking chun mee, it is difficult to stop drinking it. I like it because it is "strong" and the notes are very prominent. Recommended!

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