When will my tea arrive?

We pack and send your tea the next working day, but often the same day if you order in the morning. PostNord collects from us every afternoon. In periods with many orders, it may take an extra day. Should there be any missing goods in the warehouse, we will contact you and decide how we will handle it (partial delivery, wait for the missing goods, etc.). The transport itself takes 1-2 days, depending on how PostNord arranges its routes. Shipments with a total weight of more than 2 kg are sent as parcels with PostNord or DHL.

How do I pay?

You choose yourself; card, direct payment, Swish or invoice. To pay by invoice, you must normally identify yourself with Bank-Id, so that whoever issues the invoice knows that it is really you who is ordering, and not just someone who is ordering in your name.


Which tea should I buy?

It's really not easy to know which tea you will like without knowing a little more about your taste preference. We will be happy to advise you if you get in touch. You can also think back to what you tried and liked before, and try something similar.


Do all your teas come from China?

No, although China is an important tea country, we have tea from many different countries. Some important tea countries are Japan, India, Korea, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Nepal and more.


Why is there such a big difference in price between different teas?

There are many factors that affect the price. Partly the wage situation in the country or district where the tea is produced. If the grower put a lot of work into bringing out a certain taste, that affects the price upwards. Simpler production, possibly machine picking, helps keep the price down. On larger more mechanized plantations, lower prices can be kept than when tea is picked by hand and roasted by hand in small batches. Then the price is of course affected by supply and demand.


What do I do if I'm not satisfied?

Contact us and we'll figure it out. But keep in mind that it's about food, and we weigh the tea especially for you, so we don't normally accept returns. If there is something wrong with the tea, that is another matter. Buy a smaller amount if you want to try a tea for the first time, then you can buy a bigger pack if you like it.


I got a tea as a gift once, do you have it?

There are many brands, and many types of tea in this world. Send a picture of the tea and preferably also the original packaging, so we can check if we have something similar. A description (variety name, taste etc) also helps.


What is your bonus system?

If you register as a customer with us, you get points for every purchase. When an order is delivered and paid for, you get your points, which you can use the next time you shop.


Do you have gift cards?

Yes we have; find gift cards here. Keep in mind that they are only valid in the online store, and not our physical store.


Do you print the type of tea on the bag?

Yes, it always says which variety it is on the bag. There is also brief information on recommended brewing.