Earl Green Eco

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Ekologiskt grönt te från Kina, smaksatt med finaste bergamottolja.

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Description / Earl Green Eco

This enjoyable composition consists of organic green tea, flavored with the finest bergamot oil. The base is Chinese yunwu tea, which is a fairly hard-rolled tea. Milder than our black earl gray, it fits perfectly in the afternoon or evening.

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Organic Yes
Base tea organic Yes
SKU 4681
Ingredients Grönt te från kontrollerade ekologiska odlingar samt naturlig arom.
Dose 2-3 gram(ca 1½tsk) / 2 dl
Water temperature 80-85 grader
Steeping time 2 minuter

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Customer Reviews

Easy to drink and wonderfully delicious tea!
Review by Ruben
My favorite green tea. Easy to drink, not bitter and love the bergamot oil in the tea.
For those who like bergamot in their tea
Review by Lena
A small sample bag was included in the 2021 tea calendar. I have delayed trying it because I don't usually like early gray. As expected, it's not for me but I can imagine that it could become a favorite for many who love earl grey. I think I simply don't like bergamot. The taste of bergamot dominated, the tea itself I could not really feel the taste of more than that it felt like it was a green tea, fresher in taste than black tea.
Review by Viviane
I wonder how much ECEG this tea has?

Te-Centralen answers: It is not so easy/cheap to find out how much EGCG a certain tea contains, but we have seen typical values of around 5-7% of the dry weight.
Sweet tea taste
Review by Dag
Earl green eco
Brewed as recommended 3 min 80 degrees 3 grams/4.5 dl. Sweet fresh musky flavor with a slight acidic tone and clear bergamot flavor Smells sourly fruity. Does not need as many leaves as recommended. Recommended to those who are looking for tea that does not become bitter without milk. 5/5 in rating
Works well to brew twice very good and good quality.
Organic favorite!
Review by Pernilla
This is my absolute favorite tea! Mild yet flavorful with a perfect hint of bergamot. Plus it's organic, it can't get any better!
Amazingly good tea!
Review by Uta Offerlind
Finally a really good organic green tea, I have been looking for a long time and now I have found the right one. You have found a new customer.
Review by Charlotta Möll
A fantastic easy-drinking and neutral green tea, suitable for all occasions!!!!
Review by Ritva Lundberg
Nice tea, milder bergamot flavor than in black Earl Grey. Don't let it steep for too long, it becomes slightly bitter. A couple of minutes is fine.

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