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Genmaicha matcha-iri

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Rostat ris och fräsch sencha täckt med matcha, för en fyllig och smakrik upplevelse.

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100 gram
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Description / Genmaicha matcha-iri

This is the luxurious variant of genmaicha. Roasted rice together with sencha becomes genmaicha. It is then topped with matcha, ie ground tea leaves. It is very intense flavors, with a good balance between greenery and the roasted.
We sometimes call genmaicha "Japanese bark bread". One can assume that it originally arose because rice was cheaper than tea. But it is a long time ago, and genmaicha has become a popular tea in its own right.
Our genmaicha matcha-iri comes from Uji outside Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese tea culture.
This tea is "thick", so you can drink it as it is, or as dessert tea.

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SKU 3008
Ingredients Rostat ris, grönt te samt matcha från Japan.
Dose 4 gram(1½tsk) / 2 dl
Water temperature 80 grader
Steeping time 1 minut
Tips Bryggas flera gånger på samma blad
Origin Japan
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Review by Sun
Good and tasty tea that mixes matcha with "regular" Genmaicha in a good way. My favorite in winter.

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