Write a gift message - for free

We weigh most teas into bags after you place your order. Then we put on a label that says "Carefully packed at the Tea Center for NN", where NN is the name of the delivery address, normally your name. (If it's a company, it says the company name.) But maybe you want to give away the tea? Then a message is a good fit!

The teas where you can add your own message are marked with a small gift icon. Click "Add gift message" in the mini-cart after you have added the tea, and follow the instructions!

You need To (who will receive the tea), From (who is the giver) and Message (exactly what should be on the label).

ATTENTION! We do not change the name of the tea, for the sake of traceability it must keep its name.

When the tea then arrives, the text on the label looks like this:

Name on the bag

Simple, right?

Does it work for all types of tea?
No, we pack some particularly exclusive varieties in sealed bags directly. There it is not possible to make a gift message.