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Ban Zhang Shan Pu'er 2015

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Aged tea is a specialty of the tea world. A piece of tea is cracked or broken off, and many batches are brewed on the same leaf.

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Art.Nr.#: 9251

Art.Nr.#: 100g
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Description / Ban Zhang Shan Pu'er 2015

Matured pu'er tea from 2015. This variety is called shu cha, which may be translated as "ripe tea", while in English it is usually called "cooked".
The low-oxygen ripening process turns the leaves dark, and the tea has a strong flavor.
Ban Zhang Shan is an area (actually a mountain), and pu'er from here are sought after. The leaves are uniform in size, which is a good sign. The taste is clean and fine, and quite fresh. Our guess is that it could benefit from being stored for a few more years.
When brewing tea, pop off some leaves. If you don't have a pu'er knife, you can use an awl. (Although it may not look as elegant....) Start at the edge, that's the easiest way. Try not to break the leaves unnecessarily.
You can brew like "regular tea", about 2 grams per cup. Or you can try "gong-fu" brewing, which produces a fairly light tea:
Brew in 95-degree water, about 7 grams of tea leaves, and 2 deciliters of water. You can pour off the first batch (take a few seconds) to wash the tea leaves. Then brew several rounds on the same leaf, as long as the leaves give flavor. The time can be gradually increased slightly.
Weight: about 317g. (It is labeled with 357 grams, but it is the weight before the last drying.)


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SKU 9251
Ingredients pu´er te
Dose 7 grams / 2 dl
Water temperature 100 grader
Steeping time 1 min
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Customer Reviews

Very good
Review by Johan
Got this for Christmas and am very pleased.
Very tasty and with a light fruity flavor I didn't expect
A very good and long-lasting tea at an affordable price
Review by Mari-Anne
A very good tea. Affordable
Do not hesitate
Review by Rubymama
Affordable puerh tea. Good introduction for anyone who wants to start exploring the world of puerh tea too. Clearly cooked puerh character. Smell very earthy, slightly spongy, wet moss covering ground. Taste very good, round flavor with a little mineral feel at the end, some sweetness. No bitterness at all.
Review by Carl-Johan
A fantastic pu'er tea. Medicine for body and soul!

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