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Ding Gu Da Fang

Ett av Kinas äldsta gröna tesorter. Det sägs vara en föregångare till Long Jing, men har en lite mera uttalad smak än detta.

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Description / Ding Gu Da Fang

This tea is usually referred to as a precursor to Long Jing. It is probably the first tea that is flattened during production.
The taste is greenish, with hints of chestnut. During wok production, the temperature is higher than when Long Jing is manufactured. The leaves have a slight attraction to the golden brown.
According to legend, it was created by a monk in the late 14th century. The monk used to invite visitors to the temple for his hand-made tea. One day the emperor incognito visited the temple, increasingly known for its tea. When it was made on a mountain in a valley (ding gu), by a very skilled monk (da fang), the emperor had an easy time finding a suitable name for the tea. There are different types of dafang tea, but dinggu dafang is considered the finest.

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SKU 9211
Ingredients Grönt te
Dose 3-4 gram(ca 1msk) / 1½dl
Water temperature 80-85 °C
Steeping time 1-2 minuter
Tips Bryggs 3 ggr på samma blad
Origin China
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