Genmaicha Uji

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Rustika smaker från rostat ris, tillsammans med en elegant sencha från vårens första skörd.

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Description / Genmaicha Uji

Roasted rice together with sencha becomes genmaicha. Rustic toasted tones from the rice paired with the elegance of the first harvest sencha, it really is something special. Sometimes genmaicha is incorrectly called "popcorn tea", but as I said, it is made from rice, not corn.
We sometimes call genmaicha "Japanese bark bread". One can assume that it originally arose because rice was cheaper than tea. But it is a long time ago, and genmaicha has become a popular tea in its own right.
Our genmaicha comes from Uji outside Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese tea culture.
Can be drunk as it is, or with lighter dishes.

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SKU 3005
Ingredients Rostat ris samt grönt te odlat i Uji, utanför Kyoto, Japan.
Dose 4 gram(1½tsk) / 2 dl
Water temperature 80 grader
Steeping time 1 minut
Tips Bryggas flera gånger på samma blad
Origin Japan

Customer Reviews

Review by Robert
Want to like it, think I might have brewed it wrong, but am disappointed every time
Very happy
Review by Linnea
My new favorite, will buy a large package next time. Very good rice aroma but does not take over the aroma of the tea.
Review by Anne-Sophie
Recommended for the adventurous! Exciting popcorn-like flavor with hints of seafood. Excellent with sushi.
tasty tea
Review by carolina
a really good tea with a rich taste
Review by Eric
Is a very tasty green tea, but if you are considering buying this tea, you must keep in mind that it is a flavored green tea, and therefore unique in its own right.
A bit more rice than in other genmaicha teas I've had. But very good and tasty.
Review by Agneta
A bit more rice than in other genmaicha teas I've had. But very good and tasty.
From the first moment
Review by Alexander
Yes, this tea was the first Japanese tea I tasted and I was not disappointed. I was not really a tea drinker at that time. But Genmaicha changed that. Love the roasted tone!
Review by Vally
It is a very rich tea as the rice comes through.
I recommend letting it sit a little longer. Clearly acceptable tea.
An unsought tea!
Review by Torgil Lyreskog
My absolute favorite of the teas!
Very good rice.
Review by Richard Bruvik
I leave it for 2 minutes. A little longer than the recommendation. It turns out very well. The proportions of rice and tea are not quite right towards the end of the bag but you can fix that if you put it in a jar.

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