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Gyokuro Superior - 100 gram japansk tekonst

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Japan's finest tea, Gyokuro, delivered in a tightly sealed 100 gram bag.

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Art.Nr.#: 3001

Art.Nr.#: 100g
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Description / Gyokuro Superior, 100 grams

The finest Japanese tea variety is called gyokuro (roughly meaning jade dew!). In the final weeks before harvest, the bushes are shaded, either with a cloth, or a simple roof put up. To compensate for the lack of sunlight, the leaves turn dark green. The taste is richly green, with a hint of the sea.
We buy our Gyokuro Superior directly from a tea plantation in Uji, outside Kyoto, the cradle of Japanese tea culture. It is still said that gyokuro from Uji is considered the best. Your tea comes in a tightly sealed 100 gram bag. We store it in the fridge for maximum flavor. If you continue to store it in the fridge, make sure there is no condensation in the bag when you open it.

The taste is fresh, rich and sweet. Do not use water that is too hot, otherwise it can become bitter. However, we find that it can be a little warmer in winter, perhaps 80 degrees, and cooler in summer, around 60 degrees.
For an elegant pre-drink or New Year's drink, make a second brew in cold, carbonated water. The first brew with hot water is needed to draw out the flavor reasonably quickly. It won't be quite as bright green as in the photo - it's an effect of backlighting during photography.

From the 2023 harvest.

More Information

SKU 3001
Ingredients Green tea from Japan
Dose 4 grams(1½-2 tsp) / 2 dl
Water temperature 60 °C
Steeping time 1 minute the first time, slightly shorter the second time, then longer
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Customer Reviews

Review by JedaRin
Sweet taste a bit in mouth ,intense but smooth. I love to drink this tea alone and relax in the garden. Feel really good , drop some japan sauce on tea leave and eat it..lovely taste. Try it!
very good!
Review by Ann
will try to brew at a lower temperature than 80 degrees and it will be rounder anyway:)
Buy - drink - enjoy
Review by Mats Ljung
A very enjoyable tea with a fine aroma.
Top tea with lots of green flavor
Review by marie segelström
Amazingly good tea!
5 stars
Review by Roger Sannemo
Absolutely fantastic tea. My favorite

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