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Jasmin Gold

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Nice green tea flavored with fresh jasmine flowers.

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Art.Nr.#: 9265

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Description / Jasmin Gold

Tea flavored with jasmine is a classic that stands the test of time.
Jasmine tea is perfect for you who want to try green tea, but are a little unsure how to get started. The slightly broader taste also works well with food, and jasmine tea is often served in restaurants in Beijing.
Jasmine tea is made by placing green tea and jasmine flowers in a container. The temperature rises, and the scent of the flowers is absorbed by the tea. Different varieties undergo the process many different times. When making better jasmine tea, the flowers are removed (usually by hand) after the seasoning is over.
Our Jasmin Gold is also organic.

More Information

Organic Yes
Base tea organic Yes
SKU 9265
Ingredients Green tea*, jasmine flowers. *From controlled organic production
Dose 3-4 grams (about 2 tsp / 2dl
Water temperature 80-85 grader
Steeping time 1-2 minuter
Tips Can be steeped several times on the same leaves.
Origin China
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Customer Reviews

Great taste and smell
Review by Mebbsson
Don't usually like green tea but this tea was great. Goes well with the floral aromatic jasmine scent.
Make the day complete!
Review by zara
I have tried so many different types of tea. Since I only drink tea, I've been looking for something that I can't get tired of. Finally, we found each other. Jasmine Gold and I
Tasty and affordable
Review by Oleg
A refined and delicious flavor. Brewing at 80 degrees but for 3 minutes (recommended 1 minute), the tea is perfect for me - strong. Enough for 3 times as promised. Perfect for breakfast and coffee.
Amazingly good
Review by Uta
Love this tea, it is my absolute favorite and especially organic
Clean and balanced jasmine flavor
Review by Mårten
Very good! The favorite of the ones we have tried here!
Very good service (Amanda) and nice treatment!
The best jasmine tea!!! Rich, beautiful.
Review by Astrild
Flavorful and delicious Jasmine tea!!! Rich, beautiful.
Wonderful tea in every way! You get addicted. For me as a pensioner it is a small luxury, so I wish it could be something cheaper so I could drink even more of it! ;) Kindest Astrild
Delicious jasmine tea that is great to start or end the day with.
Review by Carl
Good jasmine tea that is excellent to start or end the day with. A tea to look forward to and is also a very affordable jasmine tea!
Best green tea!
Review by Berit Djuse
There is no better green tea to drink, the jasmine flavor really adds to the taste. It also lasts 3-5 times.
Good food tea
Review by Berit Lagerkvist
I think this tea is suitable for an after dinner tea and a peace and quiet tea
Good but a bit expensive.
Review by Kicki Herrlin
This tea is very tasty and flavorful, I hope the flavor remains even when you are at the bottom of the bag. The kilo price is of course very high if you compare with the teas available in the trade. On the other hand, it is very difficult to find green tea in bulk that is also organic so I think this is absolutely affordable after all. Merry Christmas all happy people wish Kicki.

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