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Keemun Congou

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Ett av kinas mest kända svarta teer.

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Art.Nr.#: 9298

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Description / Keemun Congou

Keemun congou is an aromatic but mild Chinese black tea. Keemun (after Qimen) is the first black tea produced in Anhui Province.
The word congou (??, now spelled gongfu), means "skill", as the leaves should be gently rolled into long winding pieces reminiscent of twigs.
Aromatic fruity taste.

More Information

SKU 9298
Ingredients Svart te
Dose 2-3 gram(1½ tsk) / 2 dl
Water temperature 95-100 grader
Steeping time 4-6 minuter
Origin China
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Customer Reviews

Just okay but not an overwhelming Keemun tea
Review by Camilla
The taste may include the terms with which it is explained in the description as well as in the reviews. Slightly aromatic, slightly fruity, slightly sweet. A certain tingle on the tip of the tongue can linger and it could be the sweetness that is mentioned. The aromatic is related to the round aromatic taste (and smell) that Yunnan teas have where Yunnan teas, however, have much more pressure and weight in the taste. All this is of course in very general terms and does not mean much if you do not test yourself and also make the comparison I make. Quite tasty, but slightly too dull for my taste buds. Perhaps it could be a good everyday tea for those who want a relatively "neutral" tea that still has a slightly unique flavor that is worth testing.

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