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Kura Skymning (Organic)

When the sun sinks beyond the horizon and darkness spreads, it's time.

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Description / Kura Skymning (Organic)

In the old farming community, work in the fields ended when the sun went down, and apparently this is where the Swedish expression "kura skymning" comes from. It litterally means "huddle twiligt". A little break while the sun went down. Perhaps they shared experiences from the day, or told each other stories.

Nowadays, the expression has evolved somewhat. What a nice activity when it's dark! To curl up and read something while the sun slowly sinks. Preferably with a cup of tea within reach. This is also the opinion of our customer Maria, who after trying this tea came up with the perfect name.

Fine organic black tea, flavored with lemon and ginger, fruity with a slight spiciness.

More Information

Organic Yes
Base tea organic Yes
SKU 9533
Ingredients Black tea*, lemon peel*, lemongrass*, marigolds*, lemon oil*, ginger oil*, *) from organic farms
Dose 2-3 grams/ 2dl
Water temperature 100°C
Steeping time 4-5 min
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