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Lapsang Souchong Organic

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Nu kan du njuta oemotståndligt rökigt te även om du föredrar ekologiska teer. Vissa gillar det mest med lite citron i.

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Art.Nr.#: 9167

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Description / Lapsang Souchong Organic

Now you can enjoy irresistibly smoky tea even if you prefer organic teas. Drink as it is, or mix yourself in a little to add extra spice to your breakfast tea.
The taste is deep and full-bodied, and also goes well with cold cuts.
Our customer Jesper thinks that it tastes best with lemon, and we have to agree that it will be a completely new experience.

More Information

Organic Yes
Base tea organic Yes
SKU 9167
Ingredients Svart te från kontrollerade ekologiska odlingar.
Dose 2-3 gram(ca 1½ tsk) / 2 dl
Water temperature 95-100 grader
Steeping time 3-5 minuter
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Customer Reviews

Amazingly good!
Review by Bill
I have tried several suppliers. This is where I belong.
Exquisite taste
Review by Thommy Andersen
Have become completely addicted to this excellent tea.
Highly recommended if you want a flavored tea with a rich taste.
Review by Urban
A wonderfully rich and balanced flavor. Best Lapsang I've had in a very long time and I really hope it comes back in stock at the Tea Center before my jar is empty.
Clear coniferous taste
Review by Jimmy
This is a very good smoked tea. Unlike the Lapsang Souchong Tarry sold here, this has a distinctly clear taste of pine and where Tarry leaves a void after the smoke flavor, this leaves an aftertaste of resin and pine.
I prefer to make this with a western brew, so about 1.5 to 2 grams of tea to the 175 ml in the Piao I pot sold here. I brew this for three minutes.

Today I tried brewing it Gong Fu style with 7 grams of tea and 5 seconds of pre-infusion thrown away and then 10, 15, 20, 25 etc. This did not appeal to me as the smoke and bar experience was so strong that it could kill a small squirrel. Even after many infusions, it was an overwhelming flavor experience that even I who like strong smoke flavor could not handle.

But this is a good tea that is best enjoyed, in my opinion, in a 2 dl cup, brewed western style, and with your eyes closed in peace and quiet.

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