Sencha, Organic

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Härligt grönskande sencha med fyllig smak och många övertoner. Ett ekologiskt grönt te av lite finare kvalitet.

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Description / Sencha, Organic

Sencha is Japan's most common tea. It is a green tea that has been steamed, unlike many Chinese teas that are heated in a wok.
Here a slightly finer organic quality with many overtones and lovely greenery. Sencha can be enjoyed as it is, for lighter dishes or perhaps for sweet snacks.
The tea is produced in Japan, and like many Japanese teas, it is brittle, and easily crumbles.

More Information

Organic Yes
Base tea organic Yes
SKU 4675
Ingredients Grönt te från kontrollerade ekologiska odlingar.
Dose 4 gram(1½ -2 tsk) / 2dl
Water temperature 80 grader
Steeping time 45sek första gången, något kortare andra gången, därefter längre tid
Tips Bryggs flera gånger på samma blad.
Origin Japan

Customer Reviews

Fresh and grassy
Review by John
Clear aroma of grass and hay with notes of citrus.
The taste is fresh with citrus notes, just like a Sencha should be.

I really recommend cold brewing the tea. Take 16-20 g of tea to 2 liters of water and put it in the fridge. After 18 hours you have a cool drink in the summer heat.
Rich and subtle
Review by Silvia
This is what Sencha should taste like. Rich with subtle grass/citrus notes.
Very good!
Review by jacob
Very satisfied with this Sencha !
Very good tea.
Review by Bengt
Very good quality, not as big pieces as other Sencha tea I have tried.
However, in the most expensive layer compared to other suppliers.
Very harmonious taste!
Review by Konstantin Kadzhaev
Among the teas I have tried, I like Sencha best. The flavor is distinctive but subtle, so to speak.
Best in test
Review by Magnus Lindstaf
I tried ordering organic Sencha from a few different online stores in Sweden to test the quality. This tea from Te-centralen definitely had the best quality and taste.

A little more expensive than the competition, but MUCH better. Easily worth every penny.
tea with a subtle grassy taste
Review by Viktor
Very nice tea with a discreet grassy flavor. I think the tea needs more time than the minute, around 2-3 minutes to bring out the best and richest flavor.
Review by Lisa Andersson
Very good tea. Healthy and wholesome! A little different than other Sencha I've tasted, but quickly became a favorite.

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