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Tarry Lapsang Souchong

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Här har vi ett riktigt, riktigt rökigt te. "Tarry" betyder ju "tjärig" på engelska, och det beskriver det hela ganska väl.

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Description / Tarry Lapsang Souchong

Here we have a really, really smoky tea. "Tarry" means "tarry" in English, and that describes it all quite well.
Many people like to drink it as it is, others prefer to mix in other teas, to get a fuller taste. Whatever you choose to do, this tea lasts all the way.

More Information

SKU 9502
Ingredients Svart te
Dose 2-3 gram(ca 1½ tsk) / 2 dl
Water temperature 95-100 grader
Steeping time 3-5 minuter
Origin China
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Customer Reviews

Review by EST
Perfect. The aroma is reminiscent of an old boat building where the smell of pine tar is heavy. The taste soft black tea with an aftertaste reminiscent of Leijona tar pastille. In my world a hit. ????
Wrongly packed?
Review by Leffe
According to everyone here, this tea should taste a lot of smoke/tar but I think there is very little of that. But the organic Souchong tea tastes even more. Very smoky and tarry. Could someone have packed it wrong? However, both are good so no complaint there not.

Te-Centralen answers:
Well, it can vary a lot from delivery to delivery. Right now (January 2021), the organic is probably stronger, despite the names.
Review by Debra
A real favorite, a fine, delicious tea.
Review by Arvid
A real favorite, a nice good tea. Wonderfully smoky, tar describes the aroma well. I think the taste is soft and good.
the taste and smell of freshly tarred boats
Review by Jörgen Larsson
a lot of smell and mild taste of tar which makes one think of summer and freshly tarred boats, a taste experience one looks forward to and must experience
Review by Peter Nyving
Good Lapsang of ordinary quality. Quite OK.
.... and what an evening tea!
Review by Anders Dahlquist
Here is one of my absolute favorites. A tea that is really enjoyable in the late afternoon and evening. I like this touch of smoke and tar. I joke that it reminds me of the Laprahoig whiskey, which is also smoky and tarry.

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