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TeaScovery - Middle Kingdom

Curious about what the world of tea has to offer? Here is a package with all 6 varieties of tea made from the tea bush.Free shipping! (within Sweden).

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Description / TeaScovery - Middle Kingdom

Discover the world of tea with TeaScovery, our sample packs! Here is one especially for those who want to discover the variety of the exclusive Chinese tea world. All varieties are made from the tea bush, camellia sinensis.

Cultivation is, of course, a long process of finding the right plant for the right natural conditions. But even after the harvest, a lot happens, and it is the process after picking that determines the type of tea. The Middle Kingdom package contains:

  • Long Jing (Organic) - Perhaps China's most famous green tea, pan roasted with flat leaves.
  • Yellow Needle - Yellow tea! After roasting, the leaves are not dried, but undergo a slow oxidation process.
  • Top Tippy Golden Yunnan (Organic) - Black tea from Yunnan with extra "golden shoots", making it extra aromatic.
  • Tie Guan Yin (Organic) - An oolong, or semi-oxidized tea. The process is stopped before the tea becomes fully oxidized like black tea. Large leaves rolled into small balls with a natural floweriness.
  • Emperor of Pu'er - A pu'er (also written pu ehr) named after a city and county in Yunnan province. The specialty here is tea that is fermented during storage, resulting in very flavorful teas.
  • White Paklum Yinzhen Tips (Organic) - White tea made only from dried leaf buds, without roasting. Much lighter than e.g. green tea.

Each resealable bag contains 20 grams of each type of tea.

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SKU 5035
Reward Points Earn 100 points for writing a review for this product
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