Te-Centralen takes over Gröna Teimporten's e-commerce

We are happy to announce that Te-Centralen is taking over Gröna Teimporten's e-commerce! Gröna Teimporten has been around for a long time, almost as long as us. They have had their own imports from China since the start. Now the owners thought it was time to wind up the business, and subsequently offered Te-Centralen to take over the domain, gronateimporten.se. The choice fell on Te-Centralen because we have had a somewhat similar philosophy, with similar prices where the quality of the teas is in focus.

It is really great to be able to welcome all "Green" customers to us. The difference is perhaps mainly that we have a larger product range, and that we have faster shipping. We have had a period of "soft transition", where Gröna Teimporten's newsletter and website have linked to us. Now the domain is also redirected.