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Dento™ Matcha, jar 40 grams

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Matcha has earned a reputation as a health tea, spreading it beyond the circle of die-hard tea drinkers. As with other teas, there are wide variations in quality. We buy our matcha directly from where it is produced in Uji outside Kyoto, perhaps Japan's most famous matcha district. Dento™ Matcha is not particularly bitter, but rather sweet, with a very long and pleasant aftertaste.

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Art.Nr.#: 3003

Art.Nr.#: 100g
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Description / Dento™ Matcha, jar 40 grams

Matcha is trendy, not least because it is said to be healthy. But it's not new, as it has been at the heart of Japanese tea culture since it arrived from China in the Middle Ages. We buy our matcha directly from a plantation just outside Kyoto. The taste is strong, with a slight sweetness and very limited bitterness.

Drinking matcha is different from drinking regular green tea, as you are actually drinking the leaves themselves. The color of the cup is bright green, and the taste is chlorophylly green. In addition, matcha contains extra caffeine.

In the last few weeks before harvesting, the bushes are covered, either with a cloth or a simple roof (as in the production of Gyokuro). The leaves are not rolled, but allowed to dry flat after steaming. The leaf vein is removed, and what is left is ground in a stone mill to a fine powder. Since your matcha comes in a tight jar that you can reseal with the screw cap, you can be sure that it will stay fresh for a long time.

Cooking matcha doesn't have to be difficult, but making it really nice is an art.
There are two different types of cooking, thick and thin matcha. There are also different schools and philosophies when it comes to whisking. Here we describe a method for thin matcha which is the common variant at home:

  • Heat the water to 80 degrees.
  • Take about 1.75 grams of matcha in a bowl. (This is equivalent to one and a half bamboo measures, if you have one.)
  • Pour in water, about 0.8 dl.
  • Whisk first slowly, then quickly with the bamboo whisk, around 30 seconds, until you get a dense foam on top of the tea.

Just be careful not to press the bamboo whisk against the bottom of the bowl, as this can cause the splinters to break off.

The taste of our Dento matcha is very intense. It is produced in Uji outside Kyoto, perhaps Japan's most famous matcha district. Because small leaves are used, it is particularly rich in antioxidants. Dento™ Matcha is not particularly bitter, but rather sweet, with a very long and pleasant aftertaste.
Sometimes in recipes, matcha powder is referred to as "green tea powder", and if you want a simpler variety for cooking, there is also the Gastro Matcha which is a bit more economical.
Order now, and see if it can be something for you.

From the 2023 harvest.

More Information

SKU 3003
Ingredients Ground green tea from Japan
Dose 1.75 grams (about 1 tsp) / 75 ml water
Water temperature 80 grader
Origin Japan
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Customer Reviews

Great matcha with a wonderful sweet scent
Review by Cristina O.
I have tried a few different matcha teas from different stores, this Dento matcha is the one I like the most at the moment. This is the first time I ordered it and the first thing I loved was the strong sweet smell when you open the jar. The powder is very smooth and melts easily with a nice foam. Very good quality for the price.
Very nice tee
Review by Nahir Alfonso
Simple and easy to buy tees
Good matcha with good sweetness. Affordable
Review by Gwynedd Forsberg
A favorite among matcha tea. However, a bit difficult to solve, easy to get lumps even if you whisk thoroughly.
good, but be sure to test the dosage
Review by Marie-Louise Runesdotter
Glad that I finally got my act together and started drinking this amazing tea.
Good packaging, good powder, good taste
Review by Mio Mattsson
Tried a lot of different matcha through my days and consume it pretty much every day. I like the Dento matcha sold here best. Partly because it is of high quality and is packaged in a good and convenient way so it is easy to use.

However, I wish it was available in larger jars, but I guess it's to keep the freshness. You pull through about 120 grams per month so then you have to order 3 jars which is a bit small, but otherwise it's great and I have nothing directly to complain about.

Good mild Matcha tea
Review by Anette Gurmark
Delicious Matcha tea that is easy to whisk. A must have every morning!
Review by Jassmin
Do not understand what people mean by it having any "sweetness". Do not feel that it is sweet at all! However, a pleasant taste, personally reminiscent of spirulina / wheatgrass / chlorella in the taste. I think it tastes just fine! Good to bake with!
Good but expensive
Review by emelie königsson jonsson
Super good matcha tea with a deep clear green color. A bit expensive but it is all matcha tea. Feels luxurious!
Luxurious feeling, good
Review by Elisabeth Larsson
Really good
Wonderful Matcha!
Review by Katrin
I had tried Matcha and thought it was special, but no more than that. At some point when I was at the Tea Center, I bought a jar of Dento Matcha and kept it in the fridge. Last winter, I got excited and curious to try it. I took out the jar and the bamboo whisk and set off. Now was the right time because it tasted so rich and delicious. I have become addicted and cannot be without my wonderful Matcha. I like to drink it in the evening as a booster after a long day of work. (not to be recommended if you have trouble sleeping)
Now it's time for tonight's Matcha!

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