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Hibiscus gives a fresh sweet and sour flavor, and is also said to be healthy. Easy to brew, enjoy it hot or cold. Tea Central's hibiscus comes from Burkina-Faso, where our partner runs a women's project. Therefore, we can offer you to buy organic hibiscus of very good quality at a reasonable price.

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Description / Hibiscus

From Burkina-Faso we bring you this organically grown hibiscus. Use it as it is, or add some leaves to your black tea.

Take 1½ teaspoons of leaves and add 2 dl of boiling water. Let it steep for at least 4 minutes. Hibiscus is so forgiving - even if you forget about the leaves, you can't get bitter. Was it too strong? Dilute with a little water. If you want, strain the leaves, otherwise you can leave them on the bottom of the cup or glass. The beautiful color makes it ideal for serving in glasses.

The typical sweet and sour taste is not only refreshing, but hibiscus has long been used in traditional medicine, particularly for its calming effect. A 2008 study by the US Department of Agriculture found that tea made from hibiscus flowers*) has an antihypertensive effect, although more research is needed.
However, pregnant women should be careful with hibiscus as there may be some risk of endocrine disruption.

Keep in mind that all agricultural products vary from year to year and also from harvest to harvest, both in terms of taste and appearance. Therefore, the taste may be more acidic one year, sweeter another.

Best iced tea!

Make it like this: Boil 1 liter of water with 4 tablespoons of hibiscus leaves. Let it boil for 10 minutes and then cool down. Before it is completely cold, stir in 2 tablespoons of honey. When cold, strain the leaves and squeeze in 1 lime.

Fill four large glasses with ice cubes and pour on the hibiscus tea. Scrape out ½ passion fruit per glass, and garnish with a slice of lime.

*) To be precise, it's not really the flower petals that are used, but the lining leaves. The hibiscus variety used is called hibiscus sabdariffa. The bracts (which together form what is called the calyx, because it looks like a cup) are fleshy and have long been used for their color and flavor.

There are around 250 different species of hibiscus and several are national flowers such as in South Korea (hibiscus syriacus) and Malaysia (hibiscus rosa-sinensis).


More Information

Organic Yes
Base tea organic Yes
SKU 9553
Ingredients Hibiscus leaves from controlled organic farms.
Dose 2-3 grams (1½ tsp) / 2 dl
Water temperature 100 °C
Steeping time 4-6 minutes
Tips Take some more leaves and try building a couple of times on the same leaf.
Origin Burkina Faso
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Customer Reviews

Review by Dee Cee
Hi What is the difference between these different leaves? I bought from the herb hub last time and it was like tea very hard and dry like tea usually is. These look more like leaves and not nearly as hard and dry as tea.
What is the difference? Does it matter in the long run?

Te-Centralen answers: It is a bit tricky to know the difference, as we do not know their products. The taste should tell you a lot about whether it's a good product or not. (Other customers find our hibiscus very affordable, and that's because our partner imports directly from the manufacturer in Burkina Faso, without intermediaries.) As for "usefulness", it's hard to be sure without doing expensive tests.
High-quality, lovely hibiscus
Review by Josefin
Really nice hibiscus that is wonderful as a tea just as it is, or mixed with e.g. mint, lavender, elderberry and ginger. Wonderful deep red color and to top it all off so healthy! Enjoyed with advantage both hot and cold.
The quality is excellent
Review by Arash
Have bought cheaper varieties but this variety lives up to the quality of the hibiscus tea I drank the first time. We will buy this variety again!
Wonderfully good!
Review by Ewa
It is absolutely outstanding as a cooling drink now with daytime temperatures above 30 degrees in the form of "iced tea". I put some tea in my bottle of cold water and "circulate" the bottle a bit. Put it in the fridge and take it out when it is cold enough. So incredibly good in the heat just so easily served! Can be recommended to buy here in Tecentral's shelves, it is large fine full tea leaves while the ones I bought in other places have been small and dry and not at all as fine in taste.
Delicious with a distinctly fruity taste
Review by Rasmus
High quality but at a good price considering it is organic. Excellent alternative to tea if you want something caffeine-free or to other drinks as a sugar-free alternative. Traditionally drunk hot but can be stored in the fridge to provide a nice cool drink during the summer months.
Tasty and healthy
Review by Stefan
One bag is gone, two remain, of this delicious and hopefully beneficial tea.
After taking a cup of hibiscus tea every morning for a few months, my blood pressure has gone from too high to really good. This may be a coincidence, but after having high blood pressure for a few years, I will continue to use this tea. I read online that you should not drink hibiscus tea if you are taking antihypertensive medication.
Tasteful experience
Review by Thomas
Love the tea. Powerful tart flavor and wonderful dark red visual impression. I often flavor other teas with a pinch of this. I am grateful for such high quality as Tecentralen has.
Very fresh and clean
Review by Anton
We had hibiscus tea at a café in Tokyo and were very impressed. When we found this, we thought it might be worth trying (extra points to the Tea Center for their excellent service).
When this bag is finished, we will order 4 more; two for us and one for our tea-loving friends.
The tea is very fresh, almost slightly acidic and is excellent chilled (even hot, but nothing beats an ice-cold glass of hibiscus tea). The process of making it into iced tea is deceptively simple; take a teapot with a strainer, pour in some leaves and add hot water (we used 85C because that's the default on the kettle) and leave until cool enough to put in the fridge. Leave in the fridge with the leaves in and drink at will.
It's fine to just top up with new hot water once or twice more for the same leaf.
Very good quality!
Review by Adam
Really well made. Nothing but hibiscus tea, no residue from the production or handling, which I have found in other varieties. Of course, also gives a rich taste and color as it should!
Good service and good tee
Review by Ingela Hansson
Good tee and nice big bag.

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