Irish Breakfast Tea

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Strong tea, tolerates some milk, but also works well without.

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Description / Irish Breakfast Tea

The name Irish Breakfast is actually a bit misleading. In Ireland, people drink this kind of tea blend all day with milk or lemon. It is a blend of the finest broken (Second Flush) teas from Assam in India. A little stronger than English Breakfast, it is also slightly less harsh, and therefore works very well without milk as well, we think.

One summer, Seána a lady from Ireland, came to our shop. She had run out of tea, which she always brings for holliday. The question was if she could find anything at all in Sweden, that was drinkable. After returning home to Ireland, she wrote us a very nice email:

...and now I have returned from my holiday in Sweden.

Culturally we're giving milky tea in our bottles when we are babies and tea is what's given whenever somebody has had a surprise or a shock or been in an accident to steady to steady someone's nerves. Tea punctuates the day like cigarettes to a smoker, a mug an hour or so. I have a little book somewhere that says the Irish drink more tea per head of capita than any other country in the world (we also eat more tinned baked beans per head of capita but that I'm less proud of). We also post tea to family abroad (it's always top of the list for expats) and bring it with us on holidays because we can't find decent tea when we are away from home. I tell you all this for context....

I LOVED your Irish breakfast tea blend! It had strength which didn't overpower the subtle nuances of it's flavour.  I drank it by preference over the tea that I had brought with me. Thank you so much; I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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SKU 9256
Ingredients Black tea
Dose 2-3 grams(1½-2 tsp) / 2 dl
Water temperature 100 °C
Steeping time 3-5 minutes
Origin India

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Strong good tea
Review by Roger
Strong good tea, brews 7g tea 3dl water that is allowed to soak for 3min. That with a splash of milk in, amazingly good!

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