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Pu'er Bing Cha (Eko)

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Aged tea is a specialty that originated in Yunnan. A piece of tea is cracked or broken off, and many rounds are brewed on the same leaf. This is the dark variety, shu pu'er.

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Description / Pu'er Bing Cha (Eko)

This type of tea is also known as aged tea. It is a low-oxygen ripening process, which gives the leaves their strong flavor and dark color. China's Yunnan province is the home of this tradition.

This particular tea grows in Yunnan Province at an altitude of 1350 m. It was harvested in 2016 from tea bushes that were on average 30 years old. We are so happy to finally offer an organic tea cake.

When you brew, you pop off a piece and brew. You can brew as "regular tea", about 2 grams per cup. Or you can try "gong-fu" brewing, which produces a fairly light tea:

Brew in 95-100 degree water, about 7 grams of tea leaves, and 2 deciliters of water. You can pour off the first batch (for a few seconds) to wash the tea leaves. Then brew several rounds on the same leaf, as long as the leaves give flavor. The time can gradually decrease and then increase slightly.

Weight: about 357 grams

More Information

Organic Yes
Base tea organic Yes
SKU 9283
Ingredients Shu pu'er
Dose 7 grams / 2 dl
Water temperature 100°C
Steeping time 1 min
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Customer Reviews

Difficult but fantastic
Review by Martin
This is the second shu Pu'er I've ever drunk and I'm totally sold. Bing Cha has a strong, "earthy" yet balanced flavor and smells really nice.

A perfect substitute for coffee for those who, like me, can't stand those horrible automatic coffee machines at their workplace.
Has made me fall in love
Review by Richard
A good friend of mine introduced me to pu'er tea and I didn't really get it the first few times we drank tea together. After a few times I started to understand the charm, but also the benefits of drinking a fermented tea!
I was looking for an affordable organic pu'er, and necessarily not a stored but an aged pu'er, that was available here in Sweden. And this pu'er beng cha has made me completely fall in love with drinking tea!
I drink three cups of it every morning and with each building, a new nuance of flavor emerges. I can't really describe it other than that the taste changes with each cup, from tart, to creamy and round, earthy and slightly smoky. What an experience! On my third cake in less than a year, highly recommended!

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